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Chronic Utricaria Treatments in India

Urticaria Skin Treatments in India

Urticaria is one of the common kind of skin disease also referred to as Hives. Today we were very conscious about our skin.  So hives may affect the personality not only physically but also mentally. It appeared like rashes on the skin , will cause severe itching.  Urticaria is appears suddenly by the after effects of allergy or some other non-allergic diseases.

Symptoms of Hives
  • Itchy Skin
  • Burning and stiny skin
  • Red coloured skin with itchy papules.
  • Centre of the hives turns to when when we are pressing
  • Hives can appear any of the body parts like tongue, lips, face, Throat areas

The Hives suddenly appears like a pencil eraser size to dinner plate size, The size of it changes very quickly in short period of time, may take 1-24 hr usually to grow. Sometimes it may combined together to form an appearance called plaques. in most of the cases the hives stays for minimum six weeks.

Characteristics of Urticaria
The quick appearances of hives shows certain characteristics are:
  • The centre of hives should be swelled and they vary in size
  • commonly the swelling can be surrounded by erythema
  • It is of the types such as chronic, physical and Acute
  • Most of the cases the hives shows itching and burning characteristics
  • It take 1-24 hours usually to form wheal and it suddenly disappear
  • It occurs chronically twice in a week continuously for six weeks

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