Sunday, 2 April 2017

Make Your ACNE DISAPPEAR Through Ayurveda

The colorful teenage life is also the time when our hormones develop and take their permanent form. It is also a period when there is no limitation or any sort of restriction on the items consumed by the masses which possibly gives rise to the much feared skin problem among the teenagers – Acne

The major reason for acne to produce is when the oil secreting glands of the skin are blocked giving rise to slight inflammation in that area of the skin which paves way to blackheads, whiteheads, red lesions and pimples.
Acne is also the result of greasy and oily cosmetics, drug overuse and sometimes natural factors such as hormonal changes and excess sweat.
Acne being the most common skin problem faced by a large number of teenagers , leaves behind scars and dark spots if not treated properly. Great care must be taken when it clears as it affects the face, back, neck and shoulders of the individual.
Use of cosmetics always have resulted in delayed and unsatisfied results with side effects. This unsatisfaction will consume more time and money till the individual is tired.
This is where the holistic approach of ayurveda comes into picture. The natural, reliable and non-evasive treatment procedure has always proven its ideology of the science of healing from within.
Ayurveda cleanses the system of the individual and removes the root causes for the acne like Raktha Dushti or Vitiated blood along with vitiated Kapha and Pitta. A specialized Ayurvedic expert is essential to determine the type of treatment to be followed to eradicate the causes.
Amrita Ayurveda Medical Centre is one such place where the expert dermatologist and chief physician, Dr. R. S. Roy renders a wide range of ayurvedic treatments. 
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