Thursday, 2 February 2017

Do You Have Red Itchy Spots on Your Body ?

Scabies is a very severe itchy and contagious skin disease. Males and females are both equally affected by this disease. Its predominant feature is severe and continuous itching. It is a parasitic infestation of the skin, caused by female itch mite. Scabies commonly affects the finger webs, buttock folds, axillary area and genitalia.

It is specially located in wrists, elbows, thigh, ankles, axillary area, shaft of the penis and scrotum in the males and breasts in the females.
Vesicular or pustular eruptions, with small red bump and blister are the main symptom. It is followed by nocturnal itching and continuous scratching of itchy areas. Polluted and contaminated environment will worsen the condition.

Which are the different types of scabies?
Dry scabies – It is mainly found in the anal surface, over the scrotal skin and over the nipples.
Pustular scabies – Starts in the finger webs and later spreads to other skin folds. Pus is also filled in the blisters.
In Ayurveda, scabies is known as Pama. Pama is caused because of the aggravation of Kapha along with indigestion and Pitta. Some of the Ayurvedic Oils and creams for scabies are:
  • Application of Mahamaricha taila is effective for dry scabies.
  • Dusting of Tankana bhasma powder shows drastic result in pustular scabies.
  • Sindooradya malahara, Gandhakadya malahara and Jasadamruta malahara are effective in curing both the varieties of scabies.

Dr. R.S. Roy, the chief physician and M.D. of Amrita Ayurveda Medical Centre, Kochi. Besides the general ayurvedic practice Dr. Roy focused on the Ayurveda treatment of allergic diseases and has been bestowed with many awards for his excellence in Ayurvedic dermatology.

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