Sunday, 29 January 2017

Natural Treatment for Uneven Skin Tone

A clear skin is one of the strongest desires of any man. Who would not love glowing flawless skin? But most of the people are forced at some point or the other to face Skin Discolouration in their life.

Skin discolouration is often the result of the impact of increased rate of melanin, the skin pigment. Dark spots occur at the odd regions in the body and slowly start to spread giving uneven tones of darkness to the skin. The major causes of melanin production may be excessive exposure to the sun’s rays or the effect of some kind of medication. Skin pigmentation due to pregnancy and nutritional deficiency can also be the causes.
Skin colouration can be diagnosed by physical examination by a dermatologist. Personal observation might prove to be enough in most of the cases to conclude on skin discolouration. To find out as to what the cause of the discolouration is, the doctor may investigate upon it by ruling out the reasons one by one. Different skin diseases may also be the responsible factor for skin discolouration.
Once the doctor confirms the reason for skin discolouration, the suitable treatment may be decided and initiated. Ayurveda has the best treatment for skin pigmentation and skin discolouration. Usually, ayurveda prefers the method of using creams that reduce the production of skin pigment melanin and then use other ayurvedic measures to restore the glow of the skin.
Dr. R S Roy’s Amrita Ayurvedic Medical Centre provides best treatment for all the problems associated with skin pigmentation and skin discolouration. Within the framework of the legendary Ayurveda, skin diseases are easily cureable at Amrita Ayurvedic Centre

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