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Treat Dandruff with the help of Ayurveda

Dandruff is a growing concern among people, irrespective of age, sex or ethnicity. Although factors such as lifestyle, pollution, stress and dietary habits play an important role in hair fall, more than 40% of hair fall issues are caused due to dandruff. Dandruff weakens the hair follicles inciting increased hair fall.

Dandruff can be defined as a kind of dermatitis or skin infection that results in dry, scaly and flaky skin on the scalp. The presence of dandruff not only causes itching and scalp irritations, their flaky nature cause them to stick to hair and clothes, causing embarrassment. 

Symptoms of Dandruff

The symptoms of dandruff include dry flaky and scaly skin causing scalp itching and irritation. The symptoms grow in intensity during the winter and rainy season.

Causes of Dandruff

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis - this is caused due to oily, greasy or irritating skin. A commonly found type of dandruff, they occur not just on scalp, but also on other oily gland areas as well. 
  • Dirt build-up - a main cause of dandruff is dirt and sweat build up which damages the health of the scalp. 
  • Malassezia - it is yeast like fungus which tends to irritate scalp at times and lead to cell accumulation on the scalp. 
  • Dry skin - dryness of skin leads to easier skin flaking and hence dandruff. They usually do not cause redness like dandruff caused by oily skin. 
  • Contact dermatitis - this kind of dermatitis is caused due to allergies caused by certain skin products.

Treatment for Dandruff

Dandruff treatment is mainly based on the causative agents leading to the condition. Ayurveda offers effective and safe treatment procedures for hair fall and dandruff. Treatments like shirodhara and medicinal oil massages can help in elimination of dandruff. The ayurvedic treatment regimen, not only cures dandruff, they help in reducing stress and related disorders as well. 

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